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In a world driven by speed and precision, accurate timing plays a crucial role in various fields & industries. Whether its sporting events, marathons, triathlons or other competitive activities, the ability to determine the exact moment a runner crosses the finish line or a cyclist completes a lap is paramount.

This is where CHRONOS timing solutions / Every Step Events come into play, providing a reliable and efficient solution to track and document race results with an impeccable accuracy

Gone are the days of manually recording the results on stopwatches and leaving room for human error. Our technology infallibly ensures that the results are recorded with precision to a thousandth of a second, delivering an unparalleled level of accuracy.

Advantages of Chronos

A Game Changer For Race Organizers



Precise timing for a fair competition



Automated Processes save time and effort!



Instantaneous race updates for participants

Benefits of Chronos

Elevating Race Experiences

360º Timing Services

Encapsulating every service for your race timing requirements


Recording, processing, and analyzing the captured data

Advanced Technology

Placed at start/finish, and split points

Runner Gratification

Instant result updates, ranking, and certification

Choosing Chronos

Factors To Consider For Optimal Timing

Race Type & Size

Different technologies suit different events

Accuracy & Precision

Choosing the most reliable timing system

Budget & Resources

Balancing cost and timing requirements